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Sleep Medicine Institute of Texas

At Sleep Medicine Institute of Texas, we believe in end-to-end seamless integration of medical care for Children and Adults. Many sleep disorders are inherited so we focus on the family and not just the patient. This is why we provide every aspect of diagnosis and management that goes into making treatment of sleep disorders successful while providing insight into sleep disorders of family members. We believe that the patient and their family must be the center of everything that happens at our institute and as such we offer every option of prevention and medical management of sleep disorders such as Obstructive Sleep Apnea and many others. We involve the patient in making the right decision for their treatment and follow-up care. We can proudly say that we are the only Sleep Center in East Texas that provides every medical therapy of sleep disorders under one roof, from consultation, sleep testing, CPAP/BIPAP devices to Mandibular Repositioning Devices. Here, Adult and Pediatric sleep disorders are directly supervised by a Board Certified Adult and Pediatric Sleep Physician with 25 years of experience.

Our DME provides CPAP/BIPAP devices and their supplies at the Institute for those who love their CPAP/BIPAP devices and for those patients who know CPAP/BIPAP is right for them. The DME's convenient location at Sleep Medicine Institute of Texas makes it easy to get your supplies and doctor visits at the same place.We regularly ship supplies to all our customers all over the US and overseas to 5 continents. We have over two decades of Physician/Staff expertise in setting up CPAP/BIPAP therapy. Our comfortable, state-of-the-art sleep rooms are available even during the day to our patients for fitting and trial sessions for masks or PAP devices. 

We were the first to consistently recommend BIPAP therapy over CPAP therapy12 years ago for sleep apnea patients with heart disease.

Dr. Ghuge made the discovery that BIPAP therapy reduced blood pressure better than CPAP. Dr. Ghuge presented the paper at the national conference of APSS in 2017 and published it in the journal, SLEEP, in 2017.

Dr. Ghuge made the discovery that BIPAP therapy could cure pulmonary artery hypertension caused by Obstructive Sleep Apnea. He shared this exciting finding with the world at the national APSS conference in 2018 and published the paper in the journal, SLEEP, in 2018.

We were the first to combine BIPAP therapy with Mandibular Repositioning Devices in 2013 to lower air pressure burden on the heart/lungs and reduce peripheral water retention. We were able to show we could reduce body weight caused by water retention from CPAP by as much as by 21 lbs combining these therapies. This finding was presented at the national APSS conference in 2014 and published in the Journal, SLEEP, in 2014. 

Our Sleep Physician, Dr. Ghuge, invented the revolutionary concept of "connected arc-of-motion" and "On-Demand-Airflow" to increase airway size. He patented these concepts and built the unique flange technologies that go into FDA-cleared AIO™ BREATHE™, the medical device that alleviates OSA and snoring during sleep.

AIOMEGA's athletic performance line of sports oral appliances AIO™ SWIFT™, GRIT™, BRUT™, REVIVE™ and UNIVERSE™ are now exclusively available through Sleep Medicine Institute of Texas.  They use AIOMEGA's unique flange technology to custom-maximize performance in individual athletes. These sports oral appliances are the first in the world to increase airway size during performance or training. They optimize VO2 max and on-demand airflow for improved athletic performance and rapid recovery. Call us at (903) 787-7533 or email us and ask us how we can help you with your sports/athletic dreams.

AIO™ BRUT™/GRIT™/SWIFT™ rely on the patented REVIVE™ Airflow Protection technology and REVIVE™ Airflow Protection System to combine REVIVE™ On-Demand Airflow and REVIVE™ Airflow Protection for athletes to maintain airflow even during times of concussion. 

Our Sleep Physician, Dr. Ghuge is the inventor of a new and unique balloon catheter technology and Robotic AI driven cardiac procedure (Patent Pending) that will allow Interventional Cardiologists to melt and remove lipid plaque or fat from arteries around the heart and blood vessels in other organs, potentially reducing need for stents or bypass surgery. He has also invented new techniques and AI driven Robotic technologies to remodel heart valves (Patent Pending) and potentially restore heart valves and reduce need for artificial valves.

We invested in technology of the future, aimed at heart disease and stroke prevention, at the institute. In 2014 we incorporated a unique method for continuous non-invasive blood pressure recording in our in-lab sleep studies. First in Texas and the only sleep center in East Texas to do so, it not only provides deep insights to the causation of strokes, heart attacks and arrhythmia during sleep, but it gives us the tools to find the best solutions for preventing them.

For patients who simply cannot or do not want to use a CPAP/BIPAP, and for those who find it difficult to take it on the road, put your mind to rest and look no further. We can custom-build the AIO BREATHE oral appliance for you.

Almost 85% of people who snore have not yet seen the sleep physician or a dentist because of fear they will be forced to wear a CPAP. Dr. Ghuge designed, developed and patented the world's first on-demand airflow mandibular repositioning device, the AIO BREATHE for you. Call us at (903) 787-7533 to make an appointment and find out if AIO BREATHE is right for you. 

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From clinical consultation to at-home or in-lab sleep testing, CPAP/BIPAP devices, custom built oral appliances like the revolutionary AIO BREATHE on-demand airflow system, masks, supplies and follow-up care - we do it all at Sleep Medicine Institute of Texas! 

Our first in the world, unique medical digital platform,, restores control of your health back in your hands. At ThePapStore: CPAP Masks Sleep Well Home Sleep Test Health Fitness you can purchase all services and equipment your sleep disorder management requires. WIth customers in 5 continents, we provide safe, efficient and unrestricted access for those that prefer the retail route to health care. We offer the same personalized care through our digital platform that we do at the sleep center.

Our new-patient coordinator strives to contact the patient as early as 1-2 days after receiving a referral and we offer quick turn-around time for consultations with our board-certified sleep physician who specializes in pediatric, adolsescent and adult sleep disorders. We also offer Telemedicine visits at the Institute.

For a patient, this means quicker access than anywhere else in Texas, to sleep clinic, diagnostics, sleep testing, CPAP/BIPAP machines, oral appliances and therapy. Our patients feel better, sooner!

Even if you have had a sleep study elsewhere or are getting your PAP device or supplies somewhere else, we welcome you at the Institute. We are excited to join you in the challenge to create a healthy tomorrow. Let us help you achieve Good Sleep for a Great Tomorrow! 

Be sure to talk with your doctor about seeing us at the Sleep Medicine Institute of Texas.

Sleep Tyler

Sleep Clinic

The Clinic at Sleep Medicine Institute of Texas offers detailed hands on physical exams and comprehensive consultative services by a board certified and fellow-ship trained sleep physician with over 25 years of experience successfully treating sleep disorders in adults, teenagers and children of all ages.

We offer all medical treatment options for sleep apnea in adults and children including PAP therapy, a new and innovative oral appliance AIO BREATHE with patented designs by our very own Physician Dr. Ghuge, medications  and recommend surgical options when indicated. We have emphasis on detection and diagnosis of cardiovascular, neurological and other medical conditions linked to Sleep Disorders.

Dr. Ghuge designed, patented and built the AIOMEGA APP geared towards integration of holistics, natural weight loss programs, healthy hydration and customized fitness programs. AIOMEGA APP has friendly and easy to use widgets that are powered by complex AI driven algorithms from Dr. Ghuge's patented inventions. It is freely available in the Apple AppStore and on Google Play Store. AIOMEGA App is a great tool for those with metabolic syndrome or people who struggle with ups and downs in weight or resistant weight loss and even those who seek weight gain and growth in strength and speed or endurance. It is a Unique method to align high end technology with ease-of-use and compliments CPAP/BIPAP therapy and AIO BREATHE therapy with weight loss and hydration. We use trackable graphs and adjustable individually customized planning that is at the heart of AIOMEGA APP to help evaluate cardiovascular, sleep, metabolic and other conditions while offering clear direction to weight loss programs and healthy heart plans.

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Sleep Laboratory

The Sleep Lab at Sleep Medicine Institute of Texas provides world class quality and comfort using the leading brand of sleep technology. Having the Sleep Lab at the same location as the Sleep Clinic builds trust and confidence while making it convenient and comfortable to spend the night.

The technology of recording blood pressure with every heart beat is unique to Sleep Medicine Institute in North East Texas. We are the only Sleep Lab that offers this technology and generate data that help us diagnose Sleep Induced Hypertension. This condition can cause strokes or heart attacks in people who may have normal blood pressure during wake hours. We were the first to prove BIPAP therapy could cure Sleep Induced hypertension and we were the first to  prove that pulmonary hypertension associated with Obstructive Sleep Apnea can be cured with BIPAP therapy.

Our highly qualified sleep technologists will make your stay very comfortable. The environment at The Sleep Lab will be quiet and peaceful and the technologist provides compassionate care to put your mind to rest.

At-home sleep studies are also performed by The Sleep Lab at Sleep Medicine Institute of Texas. 

The Institute works with your insurance company to get preauthorizations or approvals on your behalf. We have the quickest turn-around time for performing sleep studies, whether they are in The Sleep Lab or at-home.

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AIO BREATHE Oral Appliance for Sleep Apnea and Snoring

The US FDA cleared AIOMEGA LLC's medical device, AIO BREATHE for treatment of moderate/mild OSA and Snoring on 02/23/2024.

AIO BREATHE is the first Mandibular Reposittioning Device to use the natural arc-of-motion of the jawbone to increase the airway size and create on-demand airflow. 

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a serious medical condition characterized by recurrent episodes of oxygen deprivation that occur over a lifetime during sleep and progressively worsens as a person ages. It should not be left untreated or undiagnosed. Individuals with OSA need treatment, whether it is CPAP/BIPAP or AIO BREATHE. 

Strengths of AIO BREATHE

The AIO BREATHE follows the arc-of-motion of the jawbone thus advancing the tongue in a very natural way and provides on-demand airflow. AIO BREATHE is the first device that increases the size of the airway while others only prevent airway closure during sleep.Image title

The unique features of this Mandibular Repositioning Device which are its light weight and small formfactor makes AIO BREATHE an attractive option for those who seek treatment of OSA yet place ease of use and portability over heavy cumbersome medical devices or surgically permanently implanted devices.

If you have questions, please call Sleep Medicine Institute of Texas at (903) 787-7533 or email us at Request an Appointment at the Sleep Medicine Institute of Texas ( A consultation with our Sleep Physicians or Dentist may help determine if AIO BREATHE is right for you. You may also email AIOMEGA directly at 


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Durable Medical Equipment

The DME at Sleep Medicine Institute provides every popular brand of CPAP/BIPAP/APAP machines and all varieties of masks and supplies. Its convenient location at the Sleep Medicine Institute of Texas makes it easy to get your supplies and doctor visits at the same place.

We regularly ship supplies to all our customers all over the US and overseas to 5 continents. We provide 25 years of Physician/Staff expertise to patients who want to be set up on new CPAP/BIPAP therapy.

Our convenient comfortable sleep rooms are available to our patients for fitting and trial sessions.

The sleep physician is right here to help determine the right mask and the right pressure for the CPAP or BIPAP machine and you can get supplies for your machine and mask.

The DME works with your insurance company to get preauthorizations or approvals on your behalf so you can get your supplies regularly.

For those that prefer full control over their sleep equpment, supplies, sleep clinic care or sleep studies, ThePapStore: CPAP Masks Sleep Well Home Sleep Test Health Fitness is first unique digital platform to provide all of these in one marketplace for seamless end-to-end patient controlled management of sleep disorders. We would be happy to answer any questions about how to access our platform.

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Sleep Disorders Impact all areas of Health

Sleep disorders may reduce quality of life. OSA may cause or exacerbate heart disease such as coronary artery disease and atrial fibrillation. OSA may increase or cause neuro-degenerative conditions such as Dementia or Parkinson's Disease. Untreated OSA may cause or increase depression, ADD/ADHD, chronic headaches, weight gain, diabetes and many more medical conditions.

At Sleep Medicine Institute we take pride in a holistic approach to health. We believe integrating health with fitness, nutrition and sleep, hydration and metabolism, tracking of health metircs and sharing them with physicians who share the same values and ideals as their patients is super critical to successful maintenance of health and wellbeing. We believe this approach will save lives and reduce the cost and complications in health care.

Our physician, Dr. Ghuge, is the founder of AIOMEGA LLC, a biotechnology company. AIOMEGA supports all health and fitness organizations to fulfill their goals to make and keep Americans Healthy. With this goal in mind AIOMEGA LLC launched its first integrative health and fitness App, AIOMEGA. This is the first of its kind to connect physicians with patients and fitness coaches with athletes to create meaningful solutions for both groups customers. We believe, Physicians can now support their patient's dreams to create and maintain better health.

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Integrated approach to treatment of Sleep Disorders

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The road to better sleep starts with a thorough evaluation of your symptoms and clinical examination to understand underlying conditions that are associated with development of a sleep disorder. We harness an integrated approach and build a holistic plan while designing therapeutics for sleep disorders. These include patient inputs and preferences and sound scientific principles. 

Diagnostics include testing required for nay organ system that may play a role in the development of sleep disorders or might be adversly affected by the presence of a sleep disorder. We routinely screen for cardiovascular conditions like pulmonary artery hypertension and thickening of heart muscle because these may be associated with the presence of a sleep disorder. Variety of sleep tests and cardio-pulmonary, hormone or neurological tests my also be appropriately performed. 

    • Initial Evaluation by a Sleep Physician including history taking and physical examinations.
    • Appropriate Testing for Sleep Disorders
    • Cardiovascular tests like Echocardiography.
    • Pulmonary testing
    • Testing for acid reflux
    • Testing for hormonal imbalances
    • Dental evaluation
    • Effective Treatment Strategies for Restful Sleep
    • Discussion and planning with each patient is customized to the care of the patient
    • Patient inputs and feedback are carefully incorporated in management of treatment plan.
    • Patient preferences are included in decision making.
    • Follow-up Care is regularly performed 
    • Remote monitoring of therapy 
    • Use of AIOMEGA APP
    • Holistic integrative approach to management of the patient as a whole.
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FDA clears AIOMEGA’s AIO Breathe, for treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

February 23, 2024, Tyler, Texas, USA.

AIOMEGA, a Texas biomedical company, announced that AIO BREATHE, their medical device that treats Obstructive Sleep Apnea, has been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration.

AIO BREATHE is a “new mandibular repositioning device” designed by Tyler, Texas based Board Certified Sleep Physician Dr. Raghavendra V. Ghuge, MD, MBA, DABSM, FAASM. Ghuge is the founder and CEO of AIOMEGA.

“I designed AIO BREATHE, supported by multiple patents, to overcome several shortcomings of conventional oral appliances used for treatment of OSA”, said Dr. Ghuge

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AIO Breathe Summary

AIO Breathe acts by increasing the patient’s airway during sleep, improving ability to exchange air, thereby reducing the tendency to snore and alleviating signs of obstructive sleep apnea.

AIO Breathe features right and left protrusive flanges that engage with corresponding right and left vertical flanges. This engagement repositions the jaw to reflect the dentist’s prescribed anterior mandibular advancement and is maintained while mouth is open or closed.

Additionally, mandibular plateaus guide the mandible downward, thus opening the anterior airway. The plateaus and flanges allow vertical opening of the jaw and work together to maintain advancement in open and closed mouth positions.

Indications for Use

AIO Breathe is intended to reduce or alleviate snoring and mild to moderate Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) while sleeping in adults.

General Information

The unique features of this Mandibular Repositioning Device along with light weight and small formfactor provides an attractive option for those who seek treatment of OSA.

OSA, a chronic medical sleep disorder affecting about 30% of the world’s population, is associated with lifelong oxygen deprivation and snoring during sleep. This may result in many cardiovascular and neurological complications such as Hypertension, Atrial Fibrillation, stroke, congestive heart failure and metabolic complications such as obesity and Diabetes. The conventional treatment of OSA is a CPAP device although a significant number of patients refuse or fail such therapy, and many are reluctant to seek help on account of hearing negative reports about CPAP. AIOMEGA’s AIO Breathe could provide a comfortable, convenient method of treatment to people around the world.

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There are over 80 sleep disorders. Recent studies show that over 80 million people in the U.S. suffer from a chronic sleep disorder, and almost 50% of Americans will have a sleep disorder at some point in their lifetime. To find out if you might be suffering from a sleep disorder, schedule an appointment today.

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