Treatment of Sleep Disorders

Woman sleeping wellOverview

The road to better sleep starts with a thorough evaluation of your symptoms that are associated with a sleep disorder.

Initial Evaluation by Sleep Physician

Our board certified sleep physician can perform an exhaustive clinical evaluation of your sleep symptoms coupled with determination of the association of your sleep disorder with your other medical conditions. This will help you to understand the relationship between poor quality sleep and other medical problems that you may have.

Appropriate Testing for Sleep Disorders

This is usually the next step after our physician has performed a clinical evaluation. The doctor may then recommend overnight sleep tests in the comfort of our sleep center or testing in the comfort of your home when appropriate. The physician may recommend other type of sleep testing such as Actigraphy if you suffer from insomnia or restless leg syndrome.

Effective Treatment Strategies for Restful Sleep

After the necessary sleep testing is completed you may have a follow-up visit with our physician to go over sleep test results and to formulate an effective treatment plan for achieving restful sleep. Treatment strategies include, PAP therapy for sleep apnea, oral appliances for sleep apnea, non-medication options for treatment of insomnia and medication treatment for many other sleep disorders like restless leg syndrome and sleep related behavior disorders.

Follow-up Care

Once treatment plan is formulated, you would then start the treatment of your sleep disorder. Our physician would then conduct follow-up visits to evaluate the efficacy of treatment and fine tune treatment. Usually these visits are vital and help to adjust treatment to achieve the best possible restful sleep.