Nighttime Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding during sleep is more common that you think. Many people that have teeth grinding may develop cavities, loose teeth, jaw pain, jawclicking, restriction of mouth opening, headaches in the morning when they wake up and chipping of a tooth, just to name a few.

Teeth grinding during sleep can also be a sign of sleep apnea or narcolepsy.

Treatment of nocturnal bruxism generally involves diagnosing and treating another sleep disorder that may be causing your bruxism or treating the bruxism itself. It is not only important to protect the teeth that may be getting damaged but also protect the jaw joints that may be getting worn out as a consequence of the grinding. There is medical treatment for nocturnal bruxism.

Our board certified sleep doctor can help diagnose your nocturnal bruxism and its causes and treat it appropriately. If your dentist has told you about your bruxism or if you think that you may be suffering from some of the symptoms of bruxism, please call us at (903) 787-7533 or go HERE to begin the process to schedule a personalized consultation with us at Sleep Medicine Institute of Texas, PA.