Restless Leg Syndrome

This condition is most commonly characterized by the urge to move your legs, mostly in the afternoon or evening or at night in bed. The urge feels better for a few minutes after you move your legs and then it comes back again. The legs feel better for a few minutes after you move them but then the urge returns.

There are other symptoms as well. Sometimes it is a creepy-crawly sensation. Others may feel burning in their feet. There are some patients that even feel like their feet are on fire in the middle of the evening or more commonly while they are in bed trying to fall asleep and cannot fall asleep. One can develop insomnia from this condition. Sometimes the patient may wake up in the middle of the night with this problem too.

Restless Woman

There are certain chemical deficiencies in the brain that cause RLS. Others may be deprived of iron and have RLS. Then there are others who's RLS may be due to snoring and sleep apnea that disrupts their sleep. Fatigue, daytime sleepiness and non-refreshing sleep may be the result of RLS also. Conditions that cause iron deficiency such as menstrual abnormalities; slow gastro-intestinal bleeding that is not noticed by the patient and conditions that result in iron mal-absorption could also cause RLS. Peripheral neuropathy due to diabetes may also cause RLS.

It is important to see the sleep physician if you have any symptoms of RLS. Our board certified sleep physician at Sleep Medicine Institute of Texas, PA has great experience with diagnosing RLS or the cause of your RLS and its treatment. In some patients sleep testing may help find other sleep disorders that may be contributing to your RLS. Please call our office at Sleep Medicine Institute of Texas, PA at (903) 787-7533 or go HERE to begin the process to schedule a personalized consultation with us at Sleep Medicine Institute of Texas, PA.