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Oral Appliances for Sleep Apnea

An oral appliance helps maintain an open and unobstructed airway during sleep by protruding and stabilizing the mandible.
According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, recommends oral appliance therapy as an effective treatment for primary snoring in adults. Data shows that oral appliance therapy can significantly reduce sleep-disordered breathing, and patient adherence to the treatment may be higher than for CPAP therapy, even though CPAP therapy is superior to oral appliance therapy in reducing sleep-disordered breathing, eliminating arousals from sleep and improving oxygen saturation. The guideline also recommends that sleep physicians prescribe oral appliances for adult patients who request treatment of primary snoring, emphasizing that diagnosis of primary snoring should be rendered by a sleep physician and not a dentist since snoring is a cardinal symptom of OSA.

At Sleep Medicine Institute of Texas we can evaluate you to see if you are the right candidate for an oral appliance. Dr. Ghuge can fit you with your oral appliance at the Sleep Medicine Institute of Texas and you could start treatment for your snoring or mild sleep apnea the same day - without the need to make or manufacture a dental mold.

To find out if an oral appliance is right for your snoring, schedule an appointment HERE.